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Managing the sourcing process is critical for every public or private sector organisation. Our Tender Management Solution is pre-configured to be able to deal with anything from small quotes, all the way up to a full-scale tender, providing a complete audit trail with a secure document repository.



Some E-tendering systems are relatively simple solutions based around e-mail and electronic document management. It involves uploading tender documents on to a secure website with secure login, authentication and viewing rules.

This type of solution is unlikely to provide automated evaluation tools; instead users are tasked to download tenders to spreadsheets and compare manually, but in an electronic format. Such solutions can offer valuable improvements to paper-based tendering, however, they are inefficient.

More sophisticated e-tendering systems, like AlphaTenders, may include more complex collaboration functionalities, allowing numbers of users in different locations to view and edit electronic documents. They may also include e-mail triggered process control which alerts users for example of a colleague having made changes to a collaborative tender, or a supplier having posted a tender.

The most sophisticated systems may use evaluation functionality to streamline the tender process from start to finish. Documents received from vendors are very specific and are in a particular format. These tools then enable evaluation on strict criteria which is completely automated.


Using the AlphaTenders solution for procurement of goods and services involves the following steps:

  • Buyer collaborates online to create the electronic Tender Document.
  • The workflow functionality of the e-tendering system can be used to route the Tender document to all the
    parties involved in the approval process such as finance and legal departments.
  • Buyer announce Tender and invite Suppliers to submit online bids via the AlphaTenders. The System then sends
    out email notification to suppliers.
  • Suppliers respond to the Tender by sending their bidding online through the system. In-built security features
    prohibit buyer access to any of the tender responses until a specified time.
  • Once the tender deadline has been reached, the system closes the online tender automatically. System
    automatically ranks bidders as per submitted bids.
    It is after this phase that quality assurance and due diligence happens.
  • Reporting to the client.
  • The supplier of the winning bid can be automatically notified of the award via the e-tendering system

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