AlphaTenders is a cloud-based e procurement system and spend solution that was designed for procuring companies. It has been gaining more and more popularity among users for its impeccable features and seamless integration with multiple systems.

Every single integrated feature in AlphaTenders is created for your usage to make the request and purchase management process seamless and smooth. With this solution, you will receive a revolutionary budget-control plan to manage and minimize all of your expenses.


Understanding key issues;

Poor traceability
Not being able to understand where you are sourcing items from makes it harder to meet sector-specific
initiatives, such as increasing the use of local suppliers.

Overstretched workforce
With limited resources, Procurement teams struggle to source, manage and communicate with their
organisation’s wide range of suppliers.

Inefficient processes
Managing the tender process without an efficient solution is time-consuming and prone to error. It also means
organisations are unable to track and monitor the full tender process over time.

Uncontrolled sourcing
Maverick employees – those sourcing their own suppliers without the necessary checks – make visibility,
traceability and audit-ability increasingly difficult.

Disengaged employees
Employees have become frustrated because they are often not included in sourcing the right suppliers for their
individual needs.

How AlphaTenders can help you.

Easy of use

Our tender management solution delivers a simple all-in-one solution to manage the entire sourcing process. The clean and simple user interface ensures all employees can be involved in the tender process when needed.

Instant efficiency

Get started quickly with pre-configured templates for quick quotes through to full-scale tenders .

User friendly interface

The intuitive user interface ensures that untrained or infrequent users in devolved procurement business units are able to work with the application quickly and easily.

Simple to use

Tasks enable users to easily follow the required process, and they receive email alerts, which include hyperlinks and guidance.

Automation and efficiency

We help speed up the processes and reduce the burden of manual input by automating tasks – driving efficiencies within the procurement team’s day-to-day work.

Quicker reviews

Automated scoring from picklist responses, as well as automated scoring of prices relative to the lowest bidder, saves the review team valuable time when assessing responses.

On and Offline access

Large scale evaluations can be downloaded, completed offline and then uploaded into the system.

Auto-generated tasks

The intuitive user interface provides an auto-generated sequence of tasks, timelines, So now actions and customisable guidance for completing the tender process.

Efficient preparation

Tender requirements, including evaluation criteria, can be prepared offline and uploaded in bulk to deliver time efficiencies


Full integration with our Contract Management module delivers further time efficiencies, as well as data accuracy and consistency from tender to contract.

Collaboration and controlled processes

Tender processes are strict and stringent – and security is of utmost importance. Our solution gives greater control and auditability to see when tasks are completed and by who.

Simple evaluation

Teams of any size can be used to evaluate submissions using a weighted process.

Time-saving templates

Templates save users time throughout the sourcing process, as well as ensure standard procedures are followed – regardless of the role of the individual initiating the sourcing project.


A full audit trail is maintained on all activity and completed tasks, and the timeline plan is automatically updated to reflect this.


Tight security controls ensure confidential information is protected at appropriate times, such as restricting access to bids until the tender box has been unlocked.

Easy to use supplier portal

Interaction with suppliers is intrinsic to a successful sourcing process. Our solution provides potential suppliers with an easy to use portal to manage every task and update relevant to their bids.

Supplier friendly

User intuitive, modern, secure portal for suppliers to use.

Multi data source friendly

Ability to download documents, respond to tender criteria of all data types and attach supporting documents.

Task reminders

Automated emails ensure correspondence, tasks and updates are never missed.


Gain full audit trail of all activity relating to invitations, clarification questions and tender submissions.